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7/16/2022: The Metaverse, VR, and other atrocities

I’ve been recently thinking about half a year ago, when Facebook was trying to push the Metaverse so hard and how pretty much the entire world didn’t like it. In fact, they pushed it so hard that they changed their name to Meta, because Facebook felt like it would be the next major platform. There were so many video essays, articles, and blog posts bashing it that it felt like Facebook messed up big time and that no one would use it. I was one of these people.

Having a virtual world where everyone spends 6 hours a day interacting in Virtual Reality is going to screw up social interaction more than the Internet ever had. Everything will be artificial, and life is going to suck more, and blah blah you get the idea. Anyone with half a brain can think of why this is bad. Having searched “metaverse” on YouTube, (well, it was actually Invidious because YouTube sucks.) it didn't seem like there was anyone playing in it, just those clickbait channels with shit like I Spent 100 Days in the Metaverse and whatnot.

Thinking about this brought me back to when the HTC Vive first came out, and being able to experience VR for the first time. I didn’t get a good first impression, but after it was done, I knew that it was something I didn’t want to own. Headaches, danger, and blurriness were the cons that outweighed the pros. I had a throbbing headache after using it for more than 15 minutes and I had actually swung the hand controller and hit my sister pretty hard (sorry). 2 Years ago, with the release of Boneworks and Half:Life - Alyx, it seemed more people were going to buy VR sets until the pandemic happened immediately after. Fun! The only thing I can think of it being good for is education, but the problem with this is that kids are going to mess around and not pay attention. We agreed to every kid having a laptop in the classroom, but standardized test scores never went up because kids always do other stuff and never focus. I hope VR never catches on.

also PS: neocities is like something CWC would have used to make a site