some memes

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catpunch trans man tries to kickflip into a grind but his ass gets caught on his skateboard instead. archimedes discovering the law of volume displacement. The video below shows a mayo monkey white devil colonizer hand dipping a whole hotdog into a yellow cup filled with ketchup, getting some on the desk he was using. My friend after we finish building the tower of Babel


me getting euthanized Oh hey you're finally awake, you hit your cephalothrax pretty hard on that rock.
    Wait, Industrial Society, politics, humanity? What the fuck are you talking about? The fuck is 'land'? Look, let's go hunt for trilobites, maybe you'll feel better joker meme about having no ambitions or aspirations. When work feels overwhelming, remember that you're going to die.

anime website turned chudposting website screenshots

furries 🤮 Euro 2020 meme on /sp/ purposely told with cringy reddit catchphrases.

everything else

me consuming 5 different forms of media at once to prevent the chance of a thought occuring polandball meme about Brasil being a hellhole nikocado ass pic cut off to be a cat between couch cushions